November 21, 2010

Brunchies and Munchies

Made a lovely trip to Sabrina's for brunch today although technically the meal didn't commence until 3:00pm...but hey, nothing wrong with a (very) late brunch. Especially when that brunch is filled with glutinous sugar and other delectable eats :) Apparently Sabrina's is a Philly tradition so at least my promise to try out the best of Philly hasn't completely been neglected!

The place sure is cozy and also very busy despite its odd location. Our attempt to get in some walking after the meal was quickly terminated by the brisk (aka freezing) November weather. Fortunately, our bellies were happy (and very full).

I was sad that the cappuccino did not come with any design!

Steak and Eggs
Egg's Benedict with lox.

My choice! Stuffed French toast with bananas. yumyumyum!
"Barking Chihuahua"

 Also from the weekend: some yummy eats from our girl's night in including chocolate pretzels and different flavored popcorn.

Chocolate and peanut butter.
Curry and seasoned salt - the winner of the night!
Cinnamon and sugar
Chocolate pretzels, went for the artsy effect :)

To come this week: B-day dinner at Continental and THANKSGIVING!!!!

Get psyched. 

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  1. ahhh I had delicious french toast this weekend too.... from commons. so not quite so delicious come to think... man i am hungry!!