April 17, 2012

Czech Round Up

I found a random sampling of food pictures in my albums from the past few weeks. Since there's no particular theme, I figured I would post them all together.

#1) BEER 
The X33 at U Medviku. One of the strongest beers in the world. I think it was almost 20% alcohol? Either way, probably the best beer I have ever tasted since it was so sweet. U Medviku is one of the more famous micro-breweries in Prague. the X33 is one of their most famous beers. They have another version in a smaller bottle that's apparently even stronger but it was all sold out when I went. I also bought a few bottles of a lighter version for my dad...perhaps x16? can't remember...

The "kolac": a traditional Czech pastry filled with either sweet cheese, poppy seed paste, apple filling or plum jam (or any combination of the 4). You can find these almost anywhere whether it be the corner bakery or the supermarket. The best ones I've sampled are from Country Life, which is an organic mini version of Whole Foods right by our flat. Kolac also spelled Kolache is apparently a big deal in Oaklahoma and Minnesota (random). The NYC version is pretty much a donut with strawberry filling. Personally, I think the Prague ones much better :)

The weather has been sporadically getting warmer. With that a bunch of ice cream places have become increasingly more popular. My favorite thus far has been Cream & Dream which is about 30 seconds away from my flat.  Although their selection is smaller than Zoom (another ice cream place), I think the quality is much batter. We sampled a small bowl of caramel which was quite tasty.

I forget the name of this place but you can buy a tiny (and I mean tiny) scoop of ice cream for 10 cents hence I thought it was worth mentioning. This place is located under the tunnel right by the secret garden in Wencelas Sqaure.

Crepe time! My roommates Czech buddy came over and made us a HUGE stack of crepes. It was quite an epic moment. Also great hangover food. We ate them with nutella, homemade jam, sweet yogurt, lemon & butter and cinnamon sugar. I was quite happy to discover that crepes are kind of a big deal in Prague. You can buy them almost anywhere since there is a crepe stand on every other block. They are made fresh to order and you have your selection of various fillings from nutella to strawberry jam.

I've gone back to Bake Shop a few more times. Apart from Paris, this place definitely has the best croissants that I've had. Since my first visit, I've also tried out the quiche, an apple and cheese croissant sandwich and some macarons.  Surprisingly this is one of the few places in town that actually sells macarons.

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