April 2, 2012

The "Commercial" Viennese Cafe

Aida self -classifies itself as a "Konditorei" which is differenct from a "kauffeehaus" due to its interior design and targeted clientele. Its easily recognizable bright pink and brown themed colors and upholstered chairs are reminiscent of a 1960s American diner. Meant for ladies to gather and chatter, it is a contrast to the austere "intellectual" environment of the kauffeehaus.
Those who know me well know that I hate chains. And yes Aida is a chain of espresso bars (26 in all) located in Vienna, Austria. But maybe I mean more like American-style chain eateries. This is Europe after all...chains could have a whole new meaning. Right? Even if people say Aida is the McDonald's of Viennese cafes...

A local Bohemian specialty...pretty much a little pastry filled with sweet cottage or perhaps ricotta cheese.
Mozart Cake, designed after the "Mozartkugel" - a chocolate truffle filled with green pistachio marzipan and nougat. We were lucky enough to try both the cake and truffle version :) And this might have topped the apple strudel. 
Overall, not a shabby experience. The Europeans sure know how to do a proper dessert...is it weird that all of these coffee houses defined by experience more than the Hofsburg Palace? hmmm...

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