July 2, 2011

Prequel to the Fourth of July!

Got a backlog of pictures and stories to share after not blogging for a whole two weeks! Usually what happens is I'll start editing and collaging the pictures at night after I get home from my work but by the time I get through a handful of pictures, I realize it is already bedtime. I've also gotten a little lazy about taking pictures since some of the eats have become a little repetitive and I want to keep these posts exciting :)

Anyways, first up on deck is brunch! Yes this is my 50 millionth post about brunch and yes, every time I post about brunch, I rave about how it is the best brunch I have ever had. Well, this is the official one (for now anyways). It is better than Sabrina's, better than RX and better than TapHouse. The brunch menu at La Silhouette is somewhat limited and the staff is a little too lean for good service but they have the most amazing eggs benedict I have ever ever ever eaten. It's not just the poached egg and smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce that makes the dish the best of the best, its also the side of perfectly crispy caesar salad and seasoned herbed potatoes and the fact that they give you two poached eggs that makes the dish one of the most perfectly scrumptous packages I have ever encountered. To make matters even better, the lighting in the dining room, akin to a Hamptons sun-room decked out with white linens, was ideal for some picture-taking.

The week before, my roommates and I had tried to grab dinner at the famed Italian restaurant Scarpetta but of course, being newbies to the NY scene - we couldn't snag a reservation and the only dinner opening they had left for walk-ins was 11pm. After wafting in all of the savory aromas of good Italian cooking, I was craving some pasta.

So last week, I had a mini reunion with 3 of my friends from Governor's School which gave me the perfect excuse to seek out a yummy Italian place. A quick yelp search and I dug up Georgios of Gramercy. The scene was surprisingly idle despite it being 8pm on a Saturday night: with a modestly priced and well crafted menu - I was even more surprised that there weren't more people in the quaint dining area.  The menu offers had the option of ordering "appetizer" size or entree size for the pasta dishes although my "appetizer" size was enough to seriously fill me up for the rest of the night.

Last Wednesday, I got to meet my work mentor for the summer and was lucky enough to get to try out Tamarind: an absolutely delightful restaurant with an array of Indian cuisine from various different regions. The pictures from my phone are a little off since we were impatient to eat but fortunately, the food speaks for itself. 

Too much time blogging and not enough time to get ready for dinner. GR! Ok, will have some real stories (as opposed to food stories) and 2 more posts by weekend end!

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