October 9, 2010

Yummy Express

So I'm usually not a fan of those express eating places, especially when it is for sushi and Japanese food - gotta say I'm kind of skeptical. For a multitude of reasons. Upon passing by the plastic bento boxes in a generic display window, my dining companion insisted that this place (who's name I do not remember) was not shady but "cute". Sure, I can do cute. As long as the food is good.Surprisingly, the food was actually rather yummy and cheap. This quick stop is located on Chestnut next to The Buffalo Exchange.

Shrimp Tempura and Veggies :D
Eel and Cucumber roll
Gyoza Bento Box
Why we still wanted to eat after this enormous meal, I don't know. 

Yogurt City is on 13th and Chestnut. I'm pretty sure they get the fro-yo from the same place Kiwi (aka Sprinkles) gets theirs. Even the the setup of the dispensers is the same. Only difference is You get these bright pink spoons from Yogurt City :)
One went with the healthy options. One did not. Guess which one is mine?
Red boba pearls, they explode in your mouth when you bite down on them. Kinda cool. Also, peach fro-yo with mangoes,
Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter & Cheesecake. Liked the C&C the best.
A great start to Fall Break and the end of one stressful month!

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