October 12, 2010

Ramen Redone and a Revisit

Hii Jenny :P
An open window.
Cold noodles with Miso Sauce
Spicy ramen with egg.
Vegetarian stir fried noodles
The first set of NYC posts! So I've heard about the famed Ramen of Greenwich Village, and now I've finally experienced it for myself.  One thing I can say is that the food sure is photogenic. Something about the presentation of Korean cuisine makes it really easy to take deliciously captivating shots. The food was good although not great, but our starving stomachs were more than satisfied after 6 hours of walking/shopping without a break. Sure did a lot of shopping. Fortunately, there was a lot of picture taking in between. Such as these:

Oh yes I went back. Hello again lovely :)
No dark chocolate this time but dutch chocolate also does the trick.

Are you craving froyo yet??

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  1. hehehe, definitely my kind of post. ramen and forty carrots ftw!!