March 31, 2012

A Proper Brunch in Vienna

Haas & Haas: a cozy breakfast eatery that transforms into a refined tea house after 3:00pm. 
Our last day in Vienna and it was a Sunday so naturally that meant brunch for lunch...until we discovered Europeans don't really do brunch. Our concierge suggested Dox & Co which apparently served some form of an American brunch on Sundays. However, this attempt  failed once we discovered that the entire restaurant was booked for the morning. We then went into the tourist information center across the street for recommendations and were given two potentialities. I was ready to give up and eat at the Cafe across from Dox and Co but V insisted we hunt down these options. Good thing he won the argument.  One of these options, Haas & Haas turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. 

Elements of the French (or Italian? breaksfast):
+Pickles & tomatoes
+ Prosciutto
The menu featured various "set" breakfasts including Viennese, French, American, and English. Each was accompanied by some form of bread or pastry, vegetabless, eggs, meat, tea or coffee, and juice. We were in heaven. I always have the hardest time ordering brunch because I always want a little bit of everything. This pretty much solved the problem. Not to mention the fact that the food was spectacular and we sampled the best scrambled eggs we have ever had.

+ Scrambled eggs with truffles and parmesan
+ Toast & butter
+ Croissant 

V ordered the French version while I ordered the English. My breakfast was a little less refined than the French version and everything came served up on one big platter: eggs, potatoes, veggies, sausage and bacon? Yea I'm ok with that. Oh right. Did I mention we also ordered a plate of waffles? With ice cream?

+ Eggs
+ Roasted Peppers and potatoes
+ Sausage and Bacon
+ Waffle with ice cream 
In  major food coma daze, we stumbled our way via metro to Schonbrunn Palace afterwards and enjoyed a lovely palace tour. However, we were not up for doing much else for the remainder of the day. What we discovered after Paris was that light lunches were far better when it came to doing an intense about of tourist activities. We obviously would still opt for a big brunch if it came down to it :)

And ad view of the full table spread including fresh squeezed OJ and a cafe au lait. 
This might have just upset every single Tap House, Sabrina's, RX and NYC brunch that I've had to date. 

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